AIR-Making Conclusions


In continuing with our Unit on Air we explored how to do Bubble Painting.This was a lot of fun and it taught us how to control our breath as we blew the bubble paint and remembered not to swallow! Some of us made monster bubbles!

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Here we are exploring bubble painting!



We have previously explored  holding our breath to go under water ,so this led us to discover how we can contain air under water,using a cup and releasing the bubbles of air. We all had a turn at this using a baby bath which we brought into the classroom.

Next we decided to float a wooden boat which Pan had made in Woodwork.We talked about how sailing boats use the wind to propel  them along.We blew the boat gently at first and then we made a storm!

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We researched wind using our school library again and read about  how a fierce wind can become a hurricane or tornado. At circle time we acted out a storm,making whooshing sounds and blowing with our breath.We even acted out being a tornado,taking turns to spin around,getting faster and faster! We agreed that we wouldn’t like to be too near a real hurricane or tornado after we saw pictures of the damage these winds can cause.


We have all tried holding our breath and going underwater,but to go underwater for longer we said we would need an oxygen tank. We watched a couple of videos of children learning to scuba dive,first in a swimming pool and then out in the ocean with dolphins. We were excited by the videos and said we would like to try scuba diving one day. Everyone loved watching the dolphins and there were numerous exclamations about how much we love dolphins and what beautiful creatures they are.


As we come towards the end of this unit we completed our KWL thinking routine,with some brainstorming about what we have learnt about air.Here are the post its on what we have learnt so far…

KWL -Know Wonder Learn


We concluded that air can be used in many ways,to propel a yacht,to make a storm,to bubble paint and  scuba dive.In our previous post we explored using air to fly paper planes ,parachutes , spinners and blow up balloons.We have also learnt how to control our breath when we do our relaxation exercises.We have enjoyed doing experiments with air and as a conclusion to our unit we are choosing an experiment to share with our families, document it and present it to our class.Some of us might even make a video of our experiments and share it on the blog,watch this space!






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