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The Creativity and Service Class have been using various thinking routines to further their inquiry into Air. For the assembly, the class decided to use the K-W-L chart to make their thinking visible. The K-W-L chart, which tracks what we know (K), want to know (W), and have learned (L) was used before, during, and after the inquiry process. IMG_8929

Students took ownership of their own learning to prepare for the assembly and shared their thinking, understanding, questions, and knowledge about Air in various ways. Students took this opportunity to make connections with their learning journey through  our inquiry.


Three students volunteered to be the MCs for the assembly

DSC_0065  DSC_0071

KNOW: I know…

DSC_0074  DSC_0083

WONDER: I wonder…

DSC_0087  DSC_0084

LEARNED: I learned…

DSC_0099  DSC_0094

Have a look at a snapshot of our assembly!

After the assembly, the parents and audience were invited to visit our Class Exhibition. The exhibition allowed for the children to showcase their science projects of Air experiments, which was a great home-school collaborative project done with the children and parents.

                                      IMG_8930 (1)                                        DSC_0112  IMG_8886 DSC_0117  16666729223_f127e03a6d_c IMG_8888 (1)  IMG_8891

Questions to further your inquiry into Air: 

  • What link is there between air and our daily lives?
  • What are the properties of air?
  • How are we able to use scientific processes to uncover a deeper understanding of air?

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