Back to School Night Information

During tonight’s Back to School Night activities, we introduced you to some of the important documents which form the basis of the MYIS curriculum and our upcoming academic year. †Please use the links below to view these useful documents in their entirety.

The MYIS Assessment PolicyThe Assessment Policy describes the philosophies and practices that inform how MYIS students are assessed throughout their time here.

The MYIS Language PolicyThe Language Policy explains MYIS’ beliefs and policies regarding Mother Tongue languages, the language of instruction, support for Thai language learning and English language learners.

The MYIS Seperation PolicyThis document outlines the stages each child and their caretaker pass through to ensure that each child is ready to attend school on their own and be successful.

The MYIS Skills ContinuumThe Skills Continuum outlines what each of the Transdisciplinary Skills looks like at each grade level.†It is divided into 5 skill sets: Thinking Skills, Social Skills, Research Skills, Communication Skills and Self-Management Skills.

The Creativity & Service Class Community OverviewThis handbook has general information about the IB Primary Years Program and specific information about the standards we will be assessing in the Knowledge Areas (Math, Language Arts, Personal Social and Physical Education, Art, Science and Social Studies). †This includes what students will be learning in both the homeroom and their specials classes.


If you have any questions or comments about these documents, please feel free to contact us at

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