Bangkok Butterfly Garden and Insectarium Field Trip

First, thank you parents for assisting us with our journey to the Butterfly House and making it a memorable field trip for us all. It was great to see our parents engaged in the learning process too!

Butterflies came up several times during this year. We discussed the life cycle of a butterfly, made observations on how they change, and even used them as a theme for our art exhibition. To turn our inquiry into action, we visited the Bangkok Butterfly Garden and Insectarium near Chatuchak Park.


Before our field trip we watched a slideshow to establish expectations of behaviour outside school.We discussed how to behave respectfully when close to the butterflies,and established that we would not touch them,make loud noises,or step on them. We also discussed our own safety,and agreed that we would stay close together and remain with our allocated parent volunteers.

Journey to The Butterfly House

With our hats and water bottles we loaded in to the Magic Years school bus and began our journey. For many of the students this was a very exciting time, as most of them had not been on the school bus since their last field trip,a year ago.Along the way we sang songs and discussed what we saw out of the window.

butterfly-house-2016-03 butterfly-house-2016-02

Once we arrived, we took time to cross a bridge and talk about how we needed to walk safely to the Butterfly Park. With many bikes traveling fast past us, we held our partner’s hand and kept to one side.


butterfly-house-2016-05 butterfly-house-2016-07

Informational Video

Although it was only a short trip, we were happy to make it to the cool inside. We took the time to relax and watch a short documentary about butterflies in the Education Room.


Touring the Butterfly House

We began by splitting  into two groups,one going upstairs and one staying downstairs and just took our time to observe what was there. We made sure we were quiet so we did not scare any butterflies, and watched our step so we did not accidentally step on any.


Here are some of the butterflies and beautiful plants we saw as we walked around the Butterfly Park.


During our tour, we visited the discovery area where a guide showed us the caterpillars, cocoons, and butterflies the facility was nurturing.

butterfly-house-2016-54 butterfly-house-2016-55

Then, we came together as a group to record our See, Think, and Wonder.It was interesting to find out what we had noticed,it wasn’t just butterflies,Dhada had spotted a huge monitor lizard!

butterfly-house-2016-64 butterfly-house-2016-65

We went back to the Education Room to draw our favourite butterfly,using lots of colours.

butterfly-house-2016-82 butterfly-house-2016-81

Then Ms.Sheila handed out a Photo Hunt of butterflies,signs and other features around the Butterfly Park.We set off with our parents to find every photo on the sheet,some of our parents were quite excited and enjoyed helping us on our hunt.Because we had already walked around the park we had some idea of where things were and showed  our skills at remembering  and our spatial awareness


Picnic in the Park

We were very hungry after all our exploring and ready for our picnic lunch in the shade of the trees .When we had finished our lunch some of us spotted a white bird near the lake and ventured to have a look,we think it was a crane.We also spotted a beautiful dragonfly,some fish and a big shiny black bird with its beak wide open,which hopped away after a few of us decided it was a bit scary looking.Some of us enjoyed having a run around before leaving the park.



After making our donations to The Butterfly Park we began our trip back to Magic Years. We were excited by what we had seen and done and we really enjoyed being on the bus with our friends,teachers and parents.We hope we get to do another field trip soon!

Here are some group shots of us,with our parents and teachers.


Next week we will revisit our SEE,THINK,WONDER chart, to research and reflect further.

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