Choice Time in PreK – deepening learning through play

Every morning after our Math Workshop C&S students have a Choice Time dedicated to independent play. Each one chooses to inquire into what is of importance and significance to them.

Here is how our Choice Time chart looks like:

After a mini lesson on some aspect of that day’s choice time, students read and discuss the choices that are posted on the chart and have an opportunity to select an activity and go to that centre for a period of independent play. During this time, Miss Tai and I make ourselves available to offers students provocative feedback in order to stimulate a deeper inquiry.

After some observation we have noticed that children were looking for some new play ideas. This led us into introducing A Challenge of the Week for those who needed a provocation. Each Monday the class leader would choose a challenge card that could be used as a provocation in the Construction, Lego, Light Table and Art Centre. Last one challenged: “Can you build a bridge?” We provided lots of small and large, wide and thin pieces of blue construction paper to represent rivers in the Centres. Children went straight to work on their constructions. You can see some of their work in the photos above. After some time they were offered some feedback from teachers and friends and the work gained a new spark of enthusiasm as the children extended their personal inquiries  further.

Here is what transpired next:


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