Collaboration – End of Unit Celebration!

C&S is currently putting finishing touches on our first Unit of Inquiry on Who We Are. We are still expecting the field trip to the Fire Station to inquire into collaboration that goes into saving peoples’ lives during fires.  A final challenge – student-led Cooking Projects will top off our unit just before the Autumn holidays.

For the past 8 weeks students have been inquiring into what they experience everyday at school and home: What does it entail to work together with others effectively?

To put our knowledge to the test, children have been busy with our ongoing  ‘Not a Box’ project.

You are welcome to explore this book with your child during our End of Unit Celebration.

Not a Box Project

Each student have chosen a buddy to work with – a classmate they would like to get to know better. We have read the above book and children were given time to imagine their own interpretation of ‘not a box’. To jump start the project, everyone drew up a plan for their own box transformation.

Students put themselves to work on their box transformations following the plans they sketched. All the ideas belong to the children themselves! Teacher was supporting only the student-directed glue-gun use 🙂  and few tying of knots 🙂

Students spent 2 weeks working on their transformations. Their products are constantly evolving. Not everyone is finished yet. Friends and partners they have chosen to work with, kept communicating their feedback on how to make their creations better. Teachers kept transcript notes of the suggestions that were shared.

Students have tried to be as open-minded as possible to receive this feedback and adjust accordingly. Here are some of the finished work…

End of Unit Celebration Plan

Students are also eagerly waiting for parents to come and visit our Art Studio and share their feedback too. Please do try to take some time during the End of Unit Celebration to work with your child together on their Not a Box Project.

It goes without mention how much excitement is in the air as C&S is looking forward to celebrate their learning with parents and families tomorrow. A short briefing on what to expect

  1. It is your child’s first End of Unit Celebration. Please kindly support him/her in their efforts. (It is not a time to test their knowledge but to enjoy working together collaboratively as a family).
  2. To start with, please visit our Unit of Inquiry board and read together the Success Criteria for Working Together Effectively that the children created together. You will need this knowledge to self-assess your family efforts later. Please follow this success criteria in everything you will engage in with your child.
  3. Your child will introduce you to our class self-management chart for ‘Stations Time’. Please remember to mark yourselves as done each time you complete an activity.
  4. You will be given a list of stations prepared for the day. Five to choose from. Please choose as many or as few stations/activities as works best for your family. You are welcome to spend all your time in only one station, if you are enjoying working there together 🙂 Or give it a short try at each one.
  5. When the bell rings, please go back to the Unit of Inquiry board and rate yourself as a family on your collaboration skills: green light, yellow light, red light. (Place the peg with your child’s name on the criteria that fits best to reflect today’s experiences).
  6. Well done! It is time for a united “Chocolate Game”. Lets test your family collaboration skills under pressure 🙂
  7. Time to chill, dance, eat, enjoy each other, take a tour of the class. In one word: CELEBRATE! You are a great team!



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