Field Trip to Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall

We had lots of fun on our field trip to Rattanokosin Exhibition Hall,where we learned about the history and culture of Bangkok.We travelled through the exhibition on different forms of transport;first a river boat,then a tram and a train.Come with us on our journey!

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First we looked at a detailed model of Old Bangkok and a guide pointed out some of the interesting things happening on the river and inside the houses.

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Then we embarked on a boat trip along the river,it was quite dark and we had to watch our step as we got on board.We watched waves of water moving around the boat and saw flying fish and even crocodiles as we made our journey.


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Old Bangkok slowly became Modern Bangkok as we made our way through the exhibition.We all enjoyed the Sixties Section.

We saw an old jukebox,a gramophone player,an old postbox,bank and chemist and even a barber shop where Ms. Sheila had a funny haircut!

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Then we headed upstairs to the viewpoint ,to admire the view of old and new Bangkok. We also had time for a few circle games, while we were in a circular room! Check out the view!

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Then we headed back downstairs to a special movie room,where we learnt about the Royal family.We were fascinated when it started to rain and real water splashed down on the floor.

rattanakosin-cs- (37)

After lunch we headed back to school, excited by everything we had seen ,with lots to talk about.


Thank you Ms.Bee for organizing such a great experience for us, we enjoyed every minute of this special day.


Thank you also, to the parents who volunteered to support us on this trip,we couldn’t have done it without you.


Here are our reflections on our trip; we drew pictures of the things that most impressed us from our special day.

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