Our Dear Friends

C&S students really enjoyed discovering the Food Group Friends created by the Discover MyPlate nutrition education program [US Department of Agriculture: Food and Nutrition Service].

The children had an idea to bring those fun friends to life…In collaboration with our art teacher, Miss Jemina, they have worked hard for over a month to create 3D models of each Food Group Friend.

Making paper mache bodies

Painting our models

Adding details

Our dear friends

C&S enjoyed this process so much that when our Food Group Friends were all done, learners wanted to immediately start a new paper mache project!

It was exciting to observe how fast the students learned about each of the Food Group Friends and ways they help our bodies. It was even more exciting to see our learners become risk-takers at meals and trying out new to them foods. Many have discovered new favourite foods that they didn’t consider to be so delicious before! We are so proud of each and every child in our class for making this commitment to healthier eating!

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