Our First Week in the New Campus

Creativity & Service has been very excited to move to our new home! Children have been impatiently waiting for the long holiday to end so they can see their friends again and explore their brand new school campus.

Yet moving can also be disorienting and unsettling for young children. They need some time and special attention during the transition. Even though the teachers, friends and most of the furniture stayed the same, many things have changed and take getting used to. So to help our children make a smooth transition, we have taken this week to slowly get into the new routines of our class, explore the campus, the new big learning spaces and a more challenging playground. We have reviewed our In-Class and Playground Agreements, and answered each other’s questions.

C&S has also been working on various projects to help decorate our new classroom. We have been making paper-mache clouds as well as experimenting with some science projects.

We hope you enjoy our photo gallery below.

On the Playground

In the Homeroom

Around the School

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