Our Pet Logs!


Tuning In – We watched the story The Velveteen Rabbit’ by Margery Williams, which was about a doll rabbit, who with enough love and care, turned into a real living rabbit. We also read the story Owl Babies’ by Martin Waddell & Patrick Benson.

Finding Out – We discussed our ideas on how to create our own pets. We shared our ideas of what features and characteristics our pet would need and how we would like it to look.

Sorting Out – We decided we would like to make our own pet logs too. We used our creativity when working with various collage materials to create our own very individual pet logs to give it different unique features.

Making Connections – Next we asked are the pet logs living and what could make them living? We asked questions about our pets and wrote a pet profile. The pet had a name, age, family, likes, and essential needs.

Going Further – In extending our understanding, we had to be thinkers when deciding what kind of habitat our pet should live it. We planned and drew out our thinking to give us inspiration when building the habitats.

Action – We worked with recycled materials to construct a habitat for our pet, taking into consideration their needs. We created a Pet Log Village where we could display our pets in their habitats.

Reflection – We are able to now compare and contrast the similarities and differences between our different pets and habitats with our friends.

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