Passionate Communicators – Our Assembly


Creativity and Service Class proved that they are Passionate Communicators,as we tuned into our Inquiry into ways in which we can express our feelings and ideas.They sang songs with words they had chosen, connected with their learning journey at Magic Years.

We have tuned into Unit 4  Passionate Communicators by identifying our feelings,using an emoticon chart.We acted out some of the emoticons,taking turns at standing on our special circle time mat and acting out different expressions.We showed that we have great acting skills, here we are acting out angry!




Later we chose an emotion to illustrate,using the emoticon chart to guide us. Most of us wanted to draw happy,but Ms Sheila encouraged us to choose a few different emotions,so we chose sad,interested,angry,annoyed,sleepy,silly,proud.

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Next we acted out some of the emotions we had illustrated,standing by the smart board so that Ms Sheila could get a clear photograph.


Meanwhile we were practicing some songs for our assembly, thinking about how we could communicate our feelings and ideas .We chose our Hello My Friends song,to demonstrate that we can communicate in different languages,we sing hello in English,Thai,Hindi and French.

We chose A Ram Sam Sam,because this is one of our favourite circle time and transition time songs,which we adapt the words for,to describe what we are doing,or have been doing.

We chose the song How do you feel today? because it connected with our inquiry into feelings.We needed one more song…then Matoom showed us a video she had made with her daddy,about a trip to Mura Farm. We loved the tune and Ms Sheila loved how Matoom had adapted the song for all the activities she had done at the farm;she wondered if we could use the tune and think of words about what we love to do at Magic Years. The children gathered around and suggested words,which we tried out with the tune and over the next few days we had decided on 4 verses and a chorus.

So,we had our songs organised,then we asked Matoom’s daddy,O, if he could accompany us on his guitar. He came along for a rehearsal and Matoom also practiced with him at home.

We decided to showcase our learning about emotions,with colourful storyboards. We chose a colour that we felt passionate about,everyone has their favourite colour! Then we pasted our illustrations and photographs on to the board and wrote a sentence about the emotion.

We were great communicators in our Assembly and demonstrated being confident and enthusiastic. We were also risk-takers,going out into the audience and asking the school community,how do you feel today?



After the Assembly we did a reflection,illustrating our favourite part and dictating how we felt.These are our reflections:

Here is a video of our Assembly for you to enjoy!


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