Reflections About Our First Week

At the end of our first week we reflected on what we had enjoyed most and the general consensus was playing with our friends. Ms. Sheila asked where we had enjoyed playing with our friends and recorded what we said, on a coloured sticky note we had chosen.

This is what our class had to say:

 I liked riding 2 wheels bicycle with Nathan.Louvre
I liked playing with Tyke, and running.Plawhan
I like playing with Pam. I like Ponies!Matoom
I like to play with Dhada. I like climbing.Tyke
I like playing with Dhada. I like to play in the sand.Pan
I like to play with Pam. I like the slide.Namo
I like to play with Plawhan and Matoom and Namo. I like sliding.Pam
I like riding the bicycle with Kung Fu.Rayshaun
I like playing pony with Matoom and Pam.Tarn
I like to play with dinosaurs.Akki


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