Taking Action-Unit 3 Air

showing our buddies

We put our learning into action by sharing our learning with our families,friends and the school community.We were given the task of choosing an experiment to do at home,with some inspiration from links on YouTube and some guidance on the documentation required,including a large black poster board.

We were so excited about sharing our knowledge of experiments on air with our families! Some of us chose to do an experiment we had already done at school and others decided to choose something completely different.We brought in our documentation to share at circle time and our friends helped Ms Sheila to do an evaluation on our work. The criteria for the evaluation was :

  • Were Materials ,Prediction and Result used?
  • Did Student explain project and speak clearly?
  • Was student involved in the documentation of the project?

The class were evaluated on being an attentive audience and used We See We Think and We Wonder to engage with each project.The student presenting their project then evaluated the audience,marking them between 1-10 for being a respectful audience

Was the audience respectful? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Here are our presentations.

When all our experiments had been presented in class,we took them downstairs and displayed them for the whole school community to visit.We were so proud to stand next to our project boards,ready to explain and answer questions. Here are some of the visitors at our exhibition,including Ms Khanum.Mr Rahul and Mr Rich.



We also presented some of our experiments at the exhibition,bringing materials and equipment from home.By explaining our learning to others we clarify our thinking and show that we truly understand what we have learnt.Thank you to all the families who supported our science projects,parents,brothers and sisters all got involved in our learning. We have reinforced some of the scientific concepts we explored,made connections with the world around us and most importantly,we have learnt that science can be lots of fun!

Some of our parents videoed our home experiments.

science videos


Here is a close up of  our project boards.




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