Unit 3 – Food Is Necessary For Life


Dear parents and families,

This month  we have started inquiring into a new unit on food – yummy!

Central Idea: Food is necessary for life

Transdisciplinary Theme: Sharing the planet

Lines of Inquiry:

  • Why we need food
  • Where food comes from
  • Our responsibility towards plants and animals in our environment

Key Concepts: Connection, Form, Responsibility, Reflection

Skills: Thinking, Research, Self-Management 

Knowledge: Science Living Things – Animals, Plants, Well-being

Knowledge: Social Studies – Resources and the Environment – Conservation, Interdependence, Sustainability

Last week our students explored the concept of Living and Non-Living things in order make connections with the  new unit. We discovered that scientists ask 5 questions in order to answer the big question: Is it Living?

Does it breath?

Does it move by itself?

Does it eat and drink?

Does it grow and change?

Does it have babies?

Armed with these scientific glasses, we looked at our classmate Frieda, a plant, our classroom pet – hermit crab, a rock and a soft toy – the sheep. We asked the same 5 questions each time. Our classroom PLANT posed  a bit of a puzzle for us as we were not sure at first if it moves and breathes. Yet after some research we have agreed that indeed it is a living thing and we confidently answered YES to all five questions.

Next, C&S went on a Living Things Scavenger Hunt all around the school. With excitement we discovered many new living thing visitors that we have not been aware of before…such as a baby frog on our Small Playground.

That said and done, we started to wonder what do all these awesome Living Things need to stay alive. Hmm, that was easy…although there was a bit of a discussion if we really need a car and a bed 🙂 One of our little explorers ended the debate by stating: “Well, I don’t have a car. I come to school by bike. But I am still alive!” “We can sleep in a sleeping bag so may be we don’t really need a comfy cozy bed”, was another response. The final contributor to our discussion surprised us all with the suggestion that we cannot live without trees! After some brainstorming the class agreed to add tress to our NEEDS list. What do you think?

As a provocation and invitation for inquiry, I have used a KWL thinking routine to explore what we know and what we wonder about food as a class.

This was our thinking during the “K” part – Know: What I know about the topic…Why do we need food?

‘If we don’t eat, we won’t be strong’ – Thee

‘If we don’t eat food, we can die’ – Matthew

‘Without food you’re not strong and can’t run…If we eat a lot of sweets we get bigger and bigger and bigger [demonstrating growing sideways hand motion]’ – Khunnie

‘We need fruits to eat’ – Frieda

‘We need food to be healthy’ – Olivia

‘If we don’t eat, we will be very very small’ – Anda

‘We need to eat food so we can get bigger’ – Christina

‘We feel hungry if we don’t eat for a long time…We will have babies so we have to eat.” – Mike

‘If we don’t eat, we will get sick’ – Thommy

This was the “W” part of our thinking routine – Wonder: What do I want to know? What do I wonder about?

‘How food gives me vitamins?’ – Frieda

‘How vitamins get into our food?’ – Thee

‘How is broccoli healthy for you?’ – Olivia

‘I want to learn how to cook to be a good mom.’ – Christina

‘Why is red rice so healthy?’ – Matthew

‘I want to learn how to cook broccoli.’ – Anda

‘Why we need vitamins?’ – Matthew

‘Why we get bigger from sweets?’ – Khunnie

As we have started our inquiry into food groups and what each one does for our bodies, a new wondering popped up as we explored the Grains group:

What is flour?

Where do shops get flour from?

We will keep you posted of all the new cool developments during our inquiry.

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