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Music plays a big part in our daily routines at C&S.

Music greets us as we settle down in class in the morning, music gently announces our transitions to other activities, it calls us to ‘clean up’, it keeps us calm, helps us express our feelings; it helps us to concentrate during circle time, to dance and get our wigglies out; and music helps us to say bye to our friends as we leave for home at the end of the day.

As we explore the world of sound in our unit of inquiry this month, we have also experimented with making music, composing and simply experimenting with natural sounds and rhythms around us.

We have discovered recently that music can also help us make art!


In the music world exists a term – synaesthesia – “the union of the senses”. So we have decided to try this idea of blending the senses of sight and sound with our C&S students. Our little people LOVE music in any of its shape and form. So we have used a variety of new music experiences we have never tried yet; we picked classical music.

Our choices so far:
1. Classical music by Rossini: William Tell Overture – Finale
2. Instrumental jazz by Thelonius Monk: Underground
3. Nature sounds: The Sound of Rain
4. Jazz by Louis Armstrong: What a Wonderful World

We are planning to try such post-modern experimental music as Harry Partch and Nico Muhly, and possibly Cuban rhythms or World Music.

All our little people were pretty curious and enthusiastic to try drawing to music and express in art how it makes them feel. We gave them paints, pastels, markers etc. We experimented with various paper sizes and colours, individual and group work.


Each student came up with some interesting responses! We enjoyed discussing and listening to each other’s interpretations. Some music pieces we liked so much that we kept them playing for the rest of the day!

Our art in response to Rossini’s: William Tell Overture – Finale

Pastels on dark paper

Overall, we feel this experiment with drawing to music was a success as the students enjoyed this connection of the senses.

We know some of you have also tried drawing to music with your children at home. We would love to hear of your experiences! Please add some comments at the end of this post.

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