What a Wonderful World of Sound – Our Assembly

For our assembly, the class decided to show the various stages of our journey of wonder about the sounds around us.

We have started the assembly the same way we have begun our unit – with a Listening Walk. Each student introduced and demonstrated the sound they have heard during our campus listening walk.

In collaboration with our music teacher, Miss Fon, they have formed a Sounds Orchestra, which then played a music piece the students created using only the environmental sounds they discovered.

Here is a snapshot of this part of our assembly.

Four of our students volunteered to share with the audience their learning and the connections they made when drawing to music. They have presented their art pieces, which were made while listening to classical, nature and jazz music. It was an experiment of blending visual and auditory senses children enjoyed very much. Even now, coming to the end of our unit, they ask us to put jazz music (their favourite) while their are engaged in in their daily projects.

Creativity & Service also shared some of their wonderings about sound:

Is there such a thing as the Sound of Silence?
How does silence sounds like?
What do deaf people do to communicated with others?
Can deaf enjoy music and songs that we like so much?

These wonderings have led us to explore Sign Language. We have used it daily in the class and even tried to communicate with parents at home.


Joon communicating to stop
Berci communicating that he is sleepy

Children decided to be real risk-takers at the end. They took one of our favourite jazz songs – ‘What a Wonderful World’ by Lois Armstrong – and learned to sing it in American Sign Language.

We enjoyed it so much, it is still one of our favourite songs observers can overhear being sang by the children as they work in class.

Here is the video clip of the song.

After the assembly, the parents and children visited our little exhibit of self-made musical instruments and paintings, and took photos together.

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