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The Next Step With Buddy Bands!
Buddy Bands
Back To School Night!
Having a Blast with Plaster!!!
Our First Unit: PLAY

The Next Step With Buddy Bands!

Today, we were very lucky to have some visitors from the Joy and Confidence class in our classroom. We were able to test out our buddy band skills on children much younger than us! It ended up being so much fun that we all didn’t want the fun times to end! We will have to make a trip to their classroom next week as we experience a new environment.[metaslider id=228]

Buddy Bands

Our third week on play has come and gone. Students have had a great time learning about ways to better communicate with their friends during different activities. As they now know, using good manners when we speak to our friends is key.

As we noticed that some students in our class do not normally play together, we decided to change things up with buddy bands. Students must choose a buddy band that places them with another students in their class. It becomes up to them to work together as a team to come up with which stations they would both like to work at. If one does not agree, they must adopt their own problem solving skills that will aid both members in the team to find the activity that would make both parties happy.

It has been a great experience and we hope to see it only grow as we test out our new skills and understandings on students in other classes next week!

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Back To School Night!

Thank you everyone for attending this years Back To School Night! It was great getting to know everyone a little better before starting our year in Excellence. Everyone worked so well together, were eager to participate and asked many great questions. Please feel free to come in and check out our classroom anytime!

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Our First Unit: PLAY

For our first unit of the school year, the excellence class will be working on the concept of play. For this unit students will be focusing on the central idea that we use play to make meaningful connections and come to new understandings in our daily lives.

A brief outline of our unit:

An inquiry into: The role of play in our lives. Sharing experiences through play. New understandings.

Learner Profile: Thinker. Principled. Risk-Taker.

Attitudes: Commitment. Enthusiasm. Tolerance.

Skills: Communication & Self- Management.


Please stay tuned for more updates on our first unit of the year! 🙂

Excellence Class!