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Our Skype Call From Vincent!
Getting Ready For Our Assembly On Thursday!!
Light Art With Ms. Jacky!
Our Second Unit On Light Begins!!

Our Skype Call From Vincent!

This Monday, our excellence class was thrilled to receive a skype call from our friend Vincent who is currently going to school in Uganda! It was amazing getting to catch up with our old friend. He has been missed so much this year. The students in Excellence cannot wait to chat with their friend again soon!

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Light Art With Ms. Jacky!

As you know, our current unit is on light. They kids have been doing lots of inquiry work in what light is and why we need it in our lives. It has been amazing to see what they have come up with.

Each Friday, the excellence have the chance to visit Ms. Jacky as she guides us through some exciting art/ light activities. Last week we made light catchers.

Please enjoy viewing images of our art process.[metaslider id=280]

Our Second Unit On Light Begins!!

Central Unit: Light can be used in many ways.

Learner Profile: Thinkers, knowledgable, Reflective.        Attitudes: Creativity, Curiosity,         Skills: Thinking and Research.                                                                              Enthusiasm.

Subject Focus: Science & Art

Tuning into Light! What are sources of light? How do we use light in our daily lives? These are all questions that we want to find answers to this unit. Our classroom is filled with flash lights, a light table, and any other sources of light we could think of!

Stay tuned as the students from Excellence Class become scientist. They will be exploring their world with and without light. We hope to gain many new understandings along the way!

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