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Building The New Magic Years Using Shapes
Art Workshop With Ms. Zoe
100 Days Of School!
Artist Study: Piet Mondrian
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Building The New Magic Years Using Shapes

This week in the Excellence class, students are discovering that they can find many different shapes in the world around them! After going on a walk around the school, students discovered many shapes within the very buildings in our schools campus. That gave us an idea! Let’s all help design the new Magic Years campus using different shapes!

The next day, students arrived to class only to find a new station filled with baby marshmallows and tooth picks. This would be their new workshop. A space to design using 3D images!

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Art Workshop With Ms. Zoe

Not only was today the 100th day of school, but it was also a fantastic day for an art workshop with Ms. Zoe from the Joy and Confidence Class. As some of you may know, Magic Years is planning on having an art exhibit at the end of the year organized by Ms. Zoe. To begin our preparation for the big day, students made an inquiry into sketchbooks. They had the opportunity to look through Ms. Zoe’s beautiful sketchbook and create one of their own using recycled paper and cereal boxes. The sketchbooks will now have a special place within the classroom, where students may bring out their books at anytime during the day and create works of art.

Stop by anytime to take a look:)

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100 Days Of School!

The Excellence class has been counting the days till we would reach the 100th day of school and today was that day (Friday February 6th). Leading up to Friday, each student worked hard on their 100th day shirts. It was up to them to decide how many fingers prints they would use for each of the four colours given in order to total 100 fingerprints on their shirts.

To start off our day, we put on our special shirts and began counting. Everyone brought in 100 items for us to group and count. Students discovered that by creating ten groups of ten, they could make 100. Once making that conclusion, students made their way outside to the basketball court to work on their 100th day fitness which included completing ten reps of ten different actions. It was an energetic way to begin our special day!

Stations were set up today with a 100th day theme. Math activities included, counting in tens, considering the probability when flipping a coin, and lastly graphing different shapes. Their literacy goal was to create their own class list of 100 different words.

It was a busy day, but we all came away feeling that we were truly 100 days smarter!

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Artist Study: Piet Mondrian

Students in the Excellence class were able to make strong connection between their unit on Images and their math focus on geometry. When introducing shapes, students were able to connect shapes with different buildings and objects they see regularly. We wanted to take that connection and look further into how shapes are used in art. We came across an artist by the name of Piet Mondrian, and after viewing his work, students were more than excited to create their own works of art similar to those of Pier.


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