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The Recycle Center of Pobsook
How Can We Make A Positive Impact On Our Environment?
Reading To The Joy & Confidence Class

The Recycle Center of Pobsook

In order to support our unit on Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, we took the Excellence class on a field trip to the Recycle Center of Pobsook. Not only was it an eye opening experience, but it was one that highly supported our key concepts of form, connection, and responsibility. Students were able to learn all about the different processes involved in composting, making strong connections with our unit, and demonstrating a strong sense of responsibility by participating in many of the earth friendly activities.

As a form of reflection, students documented their own experiences during the trip. Using our classroom iPad, students used the application PicCollage to design a creative form of documentation supporting their new understandings.

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How Can We Make A Positive Impact On Our Environment?

During our current unit on Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, students in the Excellence class have been taking action in making positive changes within our own school community. Their first challenge was to find a way to make our recycle shed a more exciting and informative place to be during outside play. They absolutely loved this challenge and I encourage you to talk to your child about what they have done in our recycling area!

Their next course of action was to revamp the school garden. It was beginning to look a little sad (not being watered regularly or cared for enough). As a class team, they worked together to create their own garden wall- both in woodworking and during integrated program.  They took old recycled milk containers and reused them to create their own flower boxes, which are now filled with herbs and flowers.

From this day forward, it is up to them to continue to care for their schools garden, which will include watering plants everyday! By taking these small actions, they are helping to create a more beautiful world around them:)

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Reading To The Joy & Confidence Class

Last week the Excellence class took a big step in their independent reading. Students decided it was about time they starting reading to others and not just their own teacher (Ms. Megan).

After expressing their desire to read to others, we asked them, “Which class would you feel most comfortable reading to?”. Their response was their neighbors in the Joy and Confidence classroom as they have already begun to form relationships with their younger friends in previous lessons. They decided that they would read to their friends the following morning and it would be “amazing, awesome, and great!”.

The next morning, the students from the Excellence class bravely made their way to the Joy and Confidence classroom with chosen books in their hands. They calmly entered the room, asking their new friends if they would like to listen to a story. One Excellence student took an even greater risk by choosing to read to the entire J&C classroom!

It was a fantastic morning that really generated a deeper passion for reading!

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