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Learning All About What Makes Up A Community
Earth Week 2015

Learning All About What Makes Up A Community

For our final unit of the year, students in the Excellence class are learning all about the different communities they belong to. From our classroom community to the larger community of Nonthaburi, students are looking into what is needed for a community to thrive and what is wanted within a community in order for the people living within it to be happy.

During the past three weeks, the excellence class has sorted out the basic aspects of a community. Things like the people, hospitals, schools and banks. They have taken this new understanding and have made a small version of a community within our own classroom. They have made their own Hospital, Tops Market, Bank, Recycle Center, Airport and Construction Zone.

Each day, students make the decision of what they wish their profession for the day to be. They take their personal wallets with them, spend the morning workings within their rights and rolesand at the end of the lesson, make their way to the bank where they receive their pay.

Our class has loved taking on new roles while considering the laws in place within their small community. They have shown an understanding that the laws they have put in place are there for a reason. We have laws to keep us safe and allow for everyone to be heard.

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Earth Week 2015

During our schools Earth Week, the Excellence class had the exciting opportunity to create their own recycled postcards using old newspaper.

During the weeks prior to this event, students were using their inquiry skills to uncover different ways they could reuse old items instead of creating more waste. Students created toy dolls made from plastic bottles, planters made  from used milk cartons and beads made from the classes recycle paper bin.

Our craft activity was a great way for the students to make connections from their own learning and see first hand how individuals reuse paper within their own community.

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