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Unit of Inquiry
Thai Language in Excellence

Unit of Inquiry


During these past few weeks at school, we have slowly been introducing our first unit through a number of centers and activities.

Phase 1: Our Own Emotions


Students explored emotions through drama, art and by becoming authors of their own emotions eBook. Through these various activities, the goal for our students was to develop an ability to read other people’s emotions, identify and express one’s own feelings/emotions, understand that we are humans and we go through a range of emotions each day, build a vocabulary of words for naming feelings , and lastly, take another person’s perspective (empathy). Read More

Thai Language in Excellence

Welcome to Excellence’s Thai class. For this semester, we will be focusing on Thai alphabet recognition, consonant sounds and frequency words. For this month we will start to learn about similarities in the Thai alphabet; such as, ก ภ ภ through storybook listening, games and handwriting practice. For frequency words, we will be connecting words with body gestures and then we will learn how to use those same frequency words to make a sentence.


For Non-Thai native speakers, we will be learning simple words to call an object around us, body parts, colors and Thai numbers through hands-on and task-based activities such as songs, games, and story books.