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Design Thinking

Design Thinking



The challenge for this particular project was: “Create a product that could teach others about collaboration.” To get a clear understanding of what their goal was for this project, each team began with their own mind map which detailed the following:

  1. Empathize: Learn about their audience and who they are designing for.
  1. Define: What are the needs of my audience?
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    • IMG_1290
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Students decided that they had to create some sort of game that would allow two students to play at the same time; thus, “making kids play together nicely: Collaboration.” After they had their plans set in stone,students began to move into the Ideate portion of their project. Students brainstormed many great ideas of how their projects were to function and look. Each student had their own very different perspective on how their group project should work but they were able to independently come to a compromise so that each perspective and idea was respected and used.

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