Archive - February 22, 2017

Student-driven Kindergarten Goal Setting

Student-driven Kindergarten Goal Setting


“Today students, we will be setting goals. Do you know what a goal is?”

(All students raise their hand)

“Goal is what you find inside a treasure chest!!” 

(All students nod in unison)

“Hahaha, not gold! I said Goal. Any ideas?” 

(Cue silence)

Today we introduced the idea of goals and goal setting. I explained what a goal is, how goals are set, what we need to do to reach our goals, how we will know when we have reached our goals, and lastly, what we can do after we have achieved them.

Last term, we did a simple form of goal setting where goals were reviewed at the very end of the term; however, I noticed that students were not connecting with it as the goals

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