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November 2018: Tuning Into Our Second Unit of Inquiry

November 2018: Tuning Into Our Second Unit of Inquiry

Our class community welcomes a brand new month, November with lots of questions about WHO WE ARE… especially about our names! Mmm, building upon students’ curiosity and inquiring minds, I have decided to further add some teacher-fairy dust by reading few stories about NAMES, as listed below.

Lalo Wants a Real Name by Julia Mercedes-Castilla and Stephanie Harlow

My Name is Aviva by Leslea Newman

My Name is Elizabeth! by Annika Dunklee and Matthew Forsythe

… some other fictional stories that set out different names to the story characters. 




Subsequently, we compiled a huge bank of wondering questions just like the following! I am positive that we will have even more wondering questions as we venture deeper into this self-inquiry.

Is there a book for all names?

How does each colour get its name like orange, red, and purple?

Does everyone like their name?

Why each road has its name?

Why my mummy named me Zen?

Why my mummy choose Wingo for me, and not another name?

Can my name be changed?

Why don’t my parents call me Matt? It is shorter!

How does each country get its name?

Why does my family has the letter N, except for my little brother, Sky?

Why do my parents call/name me Frieda? Is there a story about it?

Where do our names come from?

How does Magic Years got its name?

The kind of questions we ask is determined by purpose. In an inquiry classroom, questions have a range of purposes, such as to engage students’ interest/intrigue/curiosity, to help students make connections between ideas, as well as to help students ‘dig deeper’ and take an idea further (Kath Murdoch, 2017). Having these in mind, a new interest to create our own name books has started brewing in our classroom atmosphere. While the kids are engaged in writing their name books, they will soon have a surprise from me, and their parents soon in our names party this coming week!


  • NO SCHOOL for kids on Monday, 12th November 2018 *Teacher In-Service
  • Weekly rotation of library books on Wednesdays
  • Loy Krathong Assembly on Thursday, 22nd November 2018 
  • Check Seesaw for other class announcements