Food is Necessary (and yummy) For Life!

Unit 3 – Central Idea: Food is necessary for life

Transdisciplinary Theme: Sharing the planet

Duration: 15th Jan – 23rd March

Hello Parents! As you are well aware, Excellence will be inquiring into the necessity of food this term – yummy!



Lines of inquiry:

Why we need food

Where food comes from

Our responsibility towards plants and animals in our environment


Why do we need food?

Where do we get the food we eat?

Why and how should we care for plants and animals?

Knowledge: Science

Related Concepts: Animals, plants, well-being

Strand: Living things

Knowledge: Social Studies

Related Concepts: Conservation, interdependence, sustainability

Strand: Resources and the environment

Skills: Thinking, Research, Self-Management

Attitudes: Commitment, Empathy, Integrity

Learner Profile: Caring, Principled, Reflective

Last week, students began tuning into the unit and painted beautiful watercolour images to show what their favorite fruits and vegetables are:


  • What are your favorite fruits?What are your favorite fruits?
  • What are your favorite vegetables?What are your favorite vegetables?

We also shared what we already know about fruits, vegetables and the general importance of food to us:

  • IMG_6920
  • IMG_7273
  • IMG_7274

Earlier his week, Summer brought her own provocation which she made at home: Some delicious banana bread! This got the students really going on what they wonder about food…

I see, I think, I wonder:

“I wonder how to make cookies and cakes.” – Summer

“I wonder how to make all foods around the world.” – Robyn

“I wonder how we make cake.” – Vincent

“I wonder how to make cupcakes.” – Tara

“I wonder how bread is made.” – Joon

“I wonder how to make steak.” – Pokpong

“I wonder how to make pizza and beef.” – Pun

“I wonder how to make donut.” – Ryu

It seems like we are off to a very good and curious start for our unit! Stay tuned!

Lastly, a very big thank you to those who donated cardboard boxes for our upcoming project! The students had such a great time with their last Design Thinking project that they have requested to do a similar project but tied to the new unit. Currently, the students are discussing what they will create to showcase their learning of the new unit at next month’s assembly. Please join us February 22, 2018 to see what they have created this time!

  • IMG_7250
  • IMG_7246
  • IMG_7247
  • IMG_7249

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