Guest Speakers at The Foundation for Child Development


Excellence was very excited to be invited as guest speakers on Design Thinking this past week! The Foundation for Child Development had seen our assembly photos online and they had invited our class to come in to be a part of their “Play-Based Exhibition.” We packed up our Design Thinking projects and off we went!


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The exhibition hall was filled with so many play centers! Many students from other schools were there was well and it was a day full of student free play! There were many different kinds of play centers, such as: exploratory/object/sensory, construction, physical, dramatic, socio-dramatic, games (with rules) and games (with invented rules).

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After students had time to play, they were ushered into the auditorium and were able to show their Design Thinking projects, share a bit about the Design Thinking process and give a bit of reflection on why they enjoyed this project and how they feel about playing in general. It was a very good day and the students were so proud of themselves! To give back to the community, students decided to donate their projects to the foundation so other children could have a chance to play with their projects. A job well done, Excellence. So many of us are so so proud of you!



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