Design Thinking Challenge

Our Design Thinking projects are underway! 

Students had the challenge of creating something for our February assembly that would teach and showcase to others what they are learning in Excellence class. They had to empathize with their audience and understand that not only would Trust and Caring class (ages 1 to 2) be watching but also, our upper primary classes would be watching as well. Their creation (Prototype) had to be simple yet complex enough to reach their wide audience. 


Naturally, their wonderings about food had brought them down the path of wanting to know more about food from around the world, recipes from around the world and the appearance of different food stores/stalls/trucks around around the world as well. Thus, as a result, students wanted to create a market place to showcase their learning. 

Furthermore, each student designated themselves for a particular food group: fruits, vegetables, grains, protein or diary …and off they went!

Some students created a stagnant store, some decided they wanted to create something on wheels, and others created a food truck that would double as a drive-thru and mobile home!

Currently, the stores under construction are: Summer’s Cupcake Store, Robyn’s Freeze Ice Cream Store, Vincent’s Veggies, Big BBQ, Fries World, Cake Truck, Nathur Market, Tara’s Burgers, and Fruity Joon.

  • IMG_7379
  • IMG_7373
  • IMG_7372
  • IMG_7370
  • IMG_7369
  • IMG_7367
  • IMG_7366
  • IMG_7365
  • IMG_7364

Let’s see how their prototypes change and evolve during these next few weeks! 🙂

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