End of Unit Celebration!

Put a fork in it! We’re done! This week, we finally finished out our first unit on Who We Are. 

For these past 8 weeks, students have inquired into what they know best: Themselves! 

We further extended our knowledge of “self” to learn more about “others” as well. 

Design Thinking

Students were paired up with a buddy and given the challenge of getting to know them better. They interviewed their buddy to find out what they liked, disliked, abilities and so forth. From there, we introduced to students a little something called “Design Thinking.” 


With all the information  they had about their buddy, they had to sort through this newfound information to figure out what product would be of use to their partner. 

  • IMG_4217
  • IMG_4259
  • IMG_4230

Empathize: “Develop a deep understanding of the challenge” 

Students put themselves in their partner’s shoes to find out what product would be of most use to them.

Define: “Clearly articulate the problem you want to solve”

Students created a mind map to explain why this product would be of use to their friend.

Ideate: “Brainstorm potential solutions; select and develop your solution”

Students created a sketch of what their product would look like and what materials they would need.

Prototype/Test: “Design a prototype (or a series of prototypes( to test all or part of your solution”/“Engage in a continuous short-cycle innovation process to continually improve your design.” 

  • IMG_4176
  • IMG_4180
  • IMG_4181

Students spent weeks perfecting their product. Their products were constantly evolving. Their product would look one way on Tuesday and then take on an entirely different look on Thursday. Students kept lines of communication open with their friend as they would frequently meet with them to receive and give feedback on how to make their product better. 

Please be sure to join us this Thursday to check out what Excellence class has created! 

  • IMG_4171
  • IMG_4085
  • IMG_4175

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