February 2019: Raising Caterpillars to Butterflies

Small actions, big impacts. Greeted with an exciting student-initiated action by one of our friends, it was the perfect addition to evoke curiosity and deepen learner agency in the classroom. Upon an email sent home, one of our friends decided to take care of caterpillars, and even brought some to school. Next, we collaboratively planned to build a home for the caterpillars whilst identifying what they need to grow. Day in, day out, we observed the growth of these wonderful creatures.

Additionally, we explored the life cycle of a butterfly to better understand our daily observations of our temporary ‘class pet’. Until one fine day, we saw it moved into its pupa/cocoon stage and eventually, we watched the beautiful transformation before letting it go in our mini garden at school. We also encountered one sad incident whereby one of the butterflies was not able to fly away due to a pair of weak wings. It was a melancholy experience for all of us, and many began to ask why did it turn out the way it was. Could it be… because there was not enough food? Could be it lack of space? Did someone touch or press the cocoon? 

Exercising their agency, students take ownership of their learning, express their ideas and opinions, and reflect on their development of the learner profile attributes. Students have a range of opportunities to develop, demonstrate and reinforce attributes of the learner profile in the daily life of the learning community. 

(The Learner, IB PYP 2018)

It was surely an amazing learning experience for our class community, especially having opportunities to evidently reflect our learner profile attributes of caring and knowledgeable, as well as increasing our enthusiasm and motivation to explore new knowledge on other living things around us. Forward we go!









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