January 2019: Class Assembly

Our class community has been inquiring into the central idea, “All living things have needs” since the beginning of this term. Our inquiry begins with a huge excitement about caterpillars! Thus, we have decided to present our knowledge about the life cycle of a butterfly to better understand how a caterpillar could transform into a beautiful butterfly, in our class assembly.

On top of that, we collaborated with Ms. Jacky, Ms. Tai and Ms. Tong to share the significance of banana plant, as an example of living things, in our local culture. As creative thinkers, we worked with Mr. Emmanuel to create our art pieces of different elements of living things around us, and we used them as displays for our assembly backdrop.

Our class assembly ended with a wonderful music performance (xylophone & singing) based on the “We’ve Got The Whole World” song in collaboration with Ms. Fon, Mr. Game and Ms. May. It was a great day to celebrate our learning with our school community!

Here are some of our wonderings as we collaboratively continue tuning into the unit, putting learner agency right in the heart of our inquiry:

How do animals eat and survive?
Why are there frogs living on trees?
I wonder about different types of whales.
How do plants grow?
I wonder about the life of a huge fish!
How do animals grow?
Why are there some flowers in the garden?
Why are flowers colourful?
Why do tigers have sharp teeth?
Why do some people kill the lions? It is not good!
I wonder if tigers can save and protect other animals from danger.
How do we protect the animals around us?
How can we save the sharks? We cannot be near them!
Why do some animals fight with each other?







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