March 2019: Triathlon

On March 1st, our C&S and Excellence students truly showed us what it means to be risk-taking, balanced individuals as they participated in the annual Magic Years Triathlon!

The MY triathlon is an exciting event that takes place once a year, providing our students with the opportunity to get fit, exercise healthy choices and gain confidence. Our 4-5 year old and 5-6 year old students went through a series of three physical activities – swimming, cycling and running. Each student exemplified determination and endurance as they completed each round of activity, cheered on by their loving families and friends who were present to support them through their tasks.

Our Grades 4 & 5 students also played an important role today as they organized a warm up for their younger friends, kept them going through each specific task and tracked the scores for the day. They were such caring and principled individuals – providing their younger friends with encouragement and example, helping them get through the activities with strength and support.

At the end of the triathlon, all students received a certificate for their enthusiastic participation at an awards ceremony and proceeded to celebrate their individual and collective success with their peers and family with healthy snacks and drinks. It was truly a wonderful day at Magic Years with so many collaborating to ensure the event’s success. A big congratulations to the Creativity & Service and Excellence students and a Thank You to our G4&5 students! The whole school community is so very proud of your hard work and achievement!

(Adapted from MY Weekly Communication)











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  • Weekly rotation of library books on Tuesdays
  • Updated Class Schedule (addition of Clay and Sewing lessons)
  • Book Week 2019 (18th March to 20th March 2019)
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences on Thursday, 21st March 2019
  • Check Seesaw for other class announcements

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