Unit 2: Images
Design Thinking
Unit of Inquiry
Thai Language in Excellence
Back to School Night Information
Welcome to Kindergarten!
Creating our own community
Art Exhibition Project
Beginning our inquiry into Communities
Earth Week

Unit 2: Images

Students have been exploring images and in particular, the role images play in story books. Last week, Ms Jacky shared with students a very special book. Why special? Because this book had no text – just images! Students were forced to create their own meaning of the book using their prior knowledge and imagination. Students began to wonder why this book had no words and what its purpose was:

“Why was there no writing?”
“Why did we have to tell a story, that is the book’s job!”
“The writer (author) is Thai, but he wanted to make a Thai book for people who cannot read Thai.”
“Because it is for children.”
“People cannot listen because it is Thai.” 
“A book without no pictures are for grown ups.” 
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  • IMG_2974
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  • IMG_2966
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  • IMG_2360

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Design Thinking



The challenge for this particular project was: “Create a product that could teach others about collaboration.” To get a clear understanding of what their goal was for this project, each team began with their own mind map which detailed the following:

  1. Empathize: Learn about their audience and who they are designing for.
  1. Define: What are the needs of my audience?
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    • IMG_1303
    • IMG_1302
    • IMG_1301
    • IMG_1294
    • IMG_1291
    • IMG_1290
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Students decided that they had to create some sort of game that would allow two students to play at the same time; thus, “making kids play together nicely: Collaboration.” After they had their plans set in stone,students began to move into the Ideate portion of their project. Students brainstormed many great ideas of how their projects were to function and look. Each student had their own very different perspective on how their group project should work but they were able to independently come to a compromise so that each perspective and idea was respected and used.

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Unit of Inquiry


During these past few weeks at school, we have slowly been introducing our first unit through a number of centers and activities.

Phase 1: Our Own Emotions


Students explored emotions through drama, art and by becoming authors of their own emotions eBook. Through these various activities, the goal for our students was to develop an ability to read other people’s emotions, identify and express one’s own feelings/emotions, understand that we are humans and we go through a range of emotions each day, build a vocabulary of words for naming feelings , and lastly, take another person’s perspective (empathy). Read More

Thai Language in Excellence

Welcome to Excellence’s Thai class. For this semester, we will be focusing on Thai alphabet recognition, consonant sounds and frequency words. For this month we will start to learn about similarities in the Thai alphabet; such as, ก ภ ภ through storybook listening, games and handwriting practice. For frequency words, we will be connecting words with body gestures and then we will learn how to use those same frequency words to make a sentence.


For Non-Thai native speakers, we will be learning simple words to call an object around us, body parts, colors and Thai numbers through hands-on and task-based activities such as songs, games, and story books.


Back to School Night Information

During tonight’s Back to School Night activities, we introduced you to some of the important documents which form the basis of the MYIS curriculum and our upcoming academic year. Please use the links below to view these useful documents in their entirety.

The MYIS Assessment Policy: The Assessment Policy describes the philosophies and practices that inform how MYIS students are assessed throughout their time here.

The MYIS Language Policy: The Language Policy explains MYIS’ beliefs and policies regarding Mother Tongue languages, the language of instruction, support for Thai language learning and English language learners.

The MYIS Separation Policy: This document outlines the stages each child and their caretaker pass through to ensure that each child is ready to attend school on their own and be successful.

The MYIS Skills Continuum: The Skills Continuum outlines what each of the Transdisciplinary Skills looks like at each grade level. It is divided into 5 skill sets: Thinking Skills, Social Skills, Research Skills, Communication Skills and Self-Management Skills.

The Excellence Class Community Overview: This handbook has general information about the IB Primary Years Program and specific information about the standards we will be assessing in the Knowledge Areas (Math, Language Arts, Personal Social and Physical Education, Art, Science and Social Studies). This includes what students will be learning in both the homeroom and their specials classes.


If you have any questions or comments about these documents, please feel free to contact us at excellence@magicyears.ac.th

Welcome to Kindergarten!


Dear Excellence Parents,

Entering Kindergarten is a huge milestone in your and your student’s life. As students transition into Excellence class, they are encouraged to become more independent from their caregivers. Along with anticipation and excitement comes the worry about how to prepare your student for the road ahead. Seven skills are particularly important for a child entering Kindergarten:


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Creating our own community

In a previous post, we shared the beginning stages of our inquiry into communities. During the tuning in stage we had discussions about what a community is, what a community needs and what the children’s communities look like to them. We saw a wide range of answers and deep conversations about the needs of our community.

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Art Exhibition Project

Art Exhibition

During our inquiry into images in February, we were extremely lucky that the MYIS Art Exhibition coincided with the learning taking place in our classroom. As mentioned in a previous post, we used the beginning of our images inquiry to link into the exhibition. To begin with we talked about and explored the meaning behind different colours – what they make us think and how they make us feel. As we looked at each colour, the children shared their ideas and gave reasons why they thought that. We also talked about the different emotions, feelings and thoughts that came to mind when we looked at a certain colour.

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Beginning our inquiry into Communities

This week we have begun our final inquiry for this year, an inquiry into communities. This is quite an exciting inquiry as we are exploring the different services in our community and how they work. Read More

Earth Week

This week at Magic Years we celebrated Earth Week, a time to appreciate the world around us and learn about the ongoing care and protection needed for the environment moving forward. This was an exciting week for Excellence for a number of reasons. Firstly, it was the culminating week of our inquiry into waste and the environment, giving the children a chance to apply their learning, lead the way in our school and take action. Excellence was also hosting the Earth Week assembly, giving the children an audience to present our new learning to. Throughout this week, we also participated in a range of different activities to consolidate and extend our learning about caring for the environment.

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