Independence in Kindergarten

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We have had a very busy first few days of school as we got students back into the routine and swing of things! But finally, we seem to have settled down now and it no longer feels like we are herding cats 😉

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This past week we introduced our  “Self-Check List” for the very first time! Everyday, students are encouraged to visit all five centers (i.e. Language, Math, Art, etc), once they are finished with a center, they put a number tick for that center’s specific slot. What we want students to gain from this is: Self-Management and Time-Management skills.

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Furthermore, in Kindergarten, one of the most important things students learn is Independence. We want students to have the confidence and enthusiasm to do things on their own. Independence can be encouraged by the simplest things such as: carrying their own backpack, picking out their own clothes for the next day, putting away their belongings, letting them make their own choices, helping to cook the family dinner, etc.

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Sometimes we as adults tend to want to do things for children because it is just easier, but in the end, this actually hinders children from being able to develop proper skills to become independent beings. Although it seems silly to point out, every day your child grows a little older and a little more capable of doing things on their own. As adults, we should ***step back regularly*** to assess what we are still doing for our children that they could be doing for themselves.

Are you still putting on your five-year-old’s socks and shoes?

What about dressing or zipping their clothes?

Are those skills things they could be doing on their own?

Let’s all give our Excellence children lots of opportunities to try things out on their own, encourage them to help others, and provide safe spaces for self-expression.

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