September 2018: Interviewing Our Teachers

Children who are taught to think about things at an early age through open-ended questions are better equipped to understand the world around them, and relate this new information to past or present experiences.

Open-ended questions have no right or wrong answers, but help to broaden children’s thinking processes, to develop their speech and language skills, and to build confidence in their ability to express themselves using words.

In our next stage of inquiry, our class community went on an inquiry adventure to interview teachers within our school community on some of our wondering questions. We worked in small groups to demonstrate our communication skills when asking these questions and listening to the replies or answers from the teachers.











Question 1: Why is it important to make good choices?
• So that we can make new friends, stay strong & healthy and we can learn!
• We want to be part of our school community.
• We think carefully so that we can stay safe.
• So that we can be the best version of ourselves.

Question 2: What happens if we don’t listen to our friends?
• We might miss something special from them.
• We cannot play together, and we will be sad.
• We will be alone and we cannot share our ideas.
• They might feel upset with us.

Question 3: How do we make friends at school?
• We talk to them, we call their names and we keep a good eye contact with them.
• We communicate with them, and we listen to them.
• We play together and help each other.
• Be kind and happy.

Question 4: How can I share my feelings?
• We can use our facial expressions.
• We can use simple words so that people can understand us.
• We use kind words and our biggest smile.
• We say it nicely, and no shouting please.

Question 5: Why is it not okay to hurt others?
• We don’t want others to feel sad.
• We don’t want them to get hurt.
• If we hurt others, we don’t feel good deep down inside our hearts.
• We want a happy classroom, together.

Oh boy, these are some amazing answers or replies that we have received from our school community. Be sure to communicate further with your child at home, and it would be awesome to talk about some powerful magic words like I AM SORRY, THANK YOU, PLEASE, EXCUSE ME, and many more!

On top of that, our class community also enjoyed making some artwork related to unit of inquiry about feelings with the integration of language component (Readers Workshop, Writers Workshop & Phonics). A for ANGRY, S for SAD, and N for NERVOUS. Definitely a great way to make new learning connections together!






  • NO SCHOOL for kids on 20th & 21st September 2018 (Thursday & Friday)
  • Weekly rotation of library books on Wednesdays
  • Looking for parent volunteer(s) to be our unit’s guest speaker to share new, inspiring insights with our class community – please contact Ms. Cally


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