Unit: How is Sound Used?

Special thanks to all our wonderful guest speakers who came in to share so much knowledge with our learners about “How Sound is Used?”

Creativity, Service and Excellence had the honour of having a doctor, police officer, early years teacher, yoga instructor, musician, and learning support coordinator come in and show us how they use “sound” in their field of work. 

Doctor: Students learned that doctors use a tool called a stethoscope to find out information about body. Doctors can place this tool on our bodies to listen in on the health of our hearts, lungs and stomach.


Teacher: Students learned that Early Childhood teachers are able to use the sounds that babies make to decipher what the baby is trying to communicate. For example, “neh” means the baby is hungry and “owh” means the baby is sleepy.


Police officer: Students learned that a police officer uses a walkie-talkie, as a communication device, to exchange information to other officers within the same vicinity.


Yoga instructor: Students learned the power of silence and meditation. Our guest speaker showed us how to play many games which require no sound. And by doing these activities, you can improve your focus and concentration.


Musician: Students learned that sound happens when two objects come into contact with each other. Also, that the force at which something comes into contact with another object will determine the volume, pitch and tone of the sound.


Learning Support Coordinator: Students learned that learning support coordinators use machines which are able to speak on behalf of someone who is not able to speak. Students also explored an app which allows the user to form sentences through images and prerecorded words.



Naturally, through what our guest speakers had to share, students began to question how they are able to produce sounds with their mouths. We shared our hypotheses and this is what will drive us into our third line of inquiry: “How does sound travel?”

“The heart is clapping in our bodies, so it makes sound and come out our body.” – Kungfu 

“Because the brain knows what to speak.” Rayshaun

“Your brain tells something in your body to make a sound and then your tongue makes all kinds of different sound.” – Nathan 

“I think the tongue is pushing together and then it comes out and the air come out of our mouth and then the sound inside the body come out.” Pam

“The tongue  makes sound and it because it can make a sound.” Dhada

“I think the heart touching the body and we can make sound.” Pan

“I think the heart is pumping so it can make sound and it comes out your mouth” – Tarn

“I think the heart makes sound for us.” Chim 

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