Will They Be Able to Guess the Central Idea?

  • Chilling down the classroom to create the perfect chilly temperatureChilling down the classroom to create the perfect chilly temperature
  • "What on earth is happening?""What on earth is happening?"

This week the Excellence and CS classroom turned into a cold winter wonderland! Thankfully, we found a nice camp fire, blankets and hot chocolate in CS class 😉

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::5 Whys Thinking Routine::
Students shared many problems they saw with today’s provocation:
“The door was locked!”
“We could not go inside!”
And then…. finally, someone said…
When I came to the room, I was cold!”
“We were camping. It was a surprise!”
“Because all the air conditioners were on!”
“We need blankets because it is cold!”
“We need fire because it’s so cold!”
“If you don’t have a fire. You’re not going to get warm. You will die.”

Students then had a hand at guessing what our central idea would be about. They were asked to think back to last week’s activities to try and make a connection. They seemed to be on the right track….
They guessed:
Snow man and snow balls
They were nearly there! They just needed a little push to get their engines going! So, we decided to visit our classroom library where another provocation was waiting for us! Lots and lots of books with pictures in them!
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“Ah-ha! See! I told you it was about clouds!”
“No, look! There is also sun!”
“See, look, animals, too!”
After much arguing amongst themselves, they finally were able to conclude that we would most likely be studying about:
“What we can do when it’s windy, sunny, cloudy, and rainy?”
Right on! Our central idea for the 4th and final unit is “Weather affects people and places.”

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