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Oreo Tectonics
My Home, My Town, My Country
Fossils + Pangea = Mind Blown
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New Campus: Architect Meetup
Classroom Visit to Excellence
Unit 2: Geography

Fossils + Pangea = Mind Blown

So, G123 decided that the continents looked like puzzle pieces. So, I gave them a job: Fossil Scientists!

Students looked at the pattern of similar fossils and the way continents were shaped to find out how scientists came up with the idea of Pangaea.

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Unit 2: Geography

Last week we started our new unit: Where We Are in Place and Time

It was a really big hit with our students! What I had originally planned for to be a brief 30 minute discussion turned into an 1.5 hour debate.

Some show-stopping questions were:

  • “Why do the continents look like a puzzle?”
  • “Why are there big continents with small islands surrounding it?”
  • “Who were the first people on earth?” *eyebrow sweat*
  • “Why do tsunamis happen in only this area?”
  • “What happens at the end of the universe? Does it go on forever? I think there’s another big universe besides ours.”

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