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Goal Setting
Primary Open House
Coding is the New Literacy
Social and Self-Management Skills
Unit of Inquiry: Conflict Resolution

Primary Open House

Thank you everyone who attended our Term 2 Open House yesterday. For those who couldn’t attend, you can view the presentation or would like to review can view the slides below. If you have any questions, please let me know. I look forward to starting our new term as our school year comes to a close:

Open House Presentation

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  • OpenHouseJPG.030
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Open House Photos

Our open house discussed our schedule, what we will be learning, information about MAP results, and how the tech team is supporting our primary grades. The discussion was very informative. After returning to the classroom, students questioned us about what was discussed. After hearing the outline, students wanted to review the presentation for themselves.

We gathered our snacks, and made ourselves a hot drink as our students viewed the presentation for themselves. We are very proud of them for taking this initiative!

Primary Years Open House

Social and Self-Management Skills

For this unit, we will be focusing on two strands:

Social and Self-Management Skills.

Along with Self-Management skills comes Time Management Skills. The concept of time can be particularly challenging for young students. For example, being able to tell clock time is different from understanding the concept of time.

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