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Student Ownership: Field Trip

Student Ownership: Field Trip

Ms. Golf and I had been brainstorming, since the last unit on where to take the students for their field trip this term. After many hours of brainstorming and discussing with other teachers, we had a lightbulb moment:
“Why don’t we given ownership to the students and have them plan their own field trip?” 
The very next day, we threw it out there for the students to process that idea. Students were immediately engaged and intrigued by this thought. The only thing students ever had to do was bring back their field trip permission slips, come to school with appropriate field trip gear on the day of and that would be that. With this new experience, students would see what the process is like for teachers. Students began to brainstorm and discuss amongst each other:
“Where should we go, guys?”
“We are learning about organizations, so we need go to an organization.” 
“Organizations has two meanings. Organizations that help people. Like UNICEF, WFP, and Habitat for Humanity.”
“Yea, and also, umm…companies and businesses, too. Like McDonalds, Central, and Waft me” 

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