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Student Voices- Beau

Student Voices- Beau

For this series of blog posts, students will share their UOI individual project with you.  They are excited to share their topic, process, as well as the interesting information they have found thus far.

Beau  would like to formally introduce this blog series:

My blog unit explaining

Hi blog readers today I’m gonna tell u about our class unit. So here in our class we are learning about system’s and organization. So every one has an system they choose such as water cycle solar system. So I choose music cause it was my passion. And our teacher want to push us as far as she can. Every one of us has been researching all week so we have gain like so much research girls. Technical difficulties. Sorry guys well go check out other peeps work ok guy. Thank You byeeeeeeeeee    


Music system   

It’s about music and how is it a system  💜

What is music…….

Music is a different system. Like a wave through our ears. Well it’s noise that can make you happy or sad or angry or dizzy. Let’s go to the point so music is a kind of noise. That is made out of singing body parts machines and instruments and more. So one of our body parts that help us hear is our nose. No no no no just kidding. Our ears. So some music can be human made machine made or natural. So means a lot for one song past the electricity to make music in the present time.

How to make music…….
So u make music by going to the studio. And putting in noises. Then record you singing or making EDM music So basically there different ways to make music. Such as guitar music piano music EDM music and more. So properly all the thing I say is properly everything I know. But music is not just a noise. It take a lot to make one song. Because electricity is a music’s friend. So we need lots of power to a song. But energy sometimes is made out of bad things.

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By Beau