A Great First Day

Grade Three had a great first day. Walking into the classroom, we were all excited to meet our friends after a long summer away. During our Morning Carpet and Introductions, we got to know each other as a community as we played Two Truths and a Lie.  Many of us were able to stump our friends demonstrating we have a lot to learn about each other this year.

IMG_7335 IMG_7336

We all took ownership of the classroom by brainstorming different centers we would like to see. Then we broke off into small groups, taking ownership of one of our new centers: games, peace, and science/STEM. Some groups worked together to create a space, while other brainstormed where the new center would be located, as well as what they would need to create it.

IMG_7334 IMG_7332 IMG_7331

We also read Mem Fox’s Whoever You Are, where we took time to consider the differences in our classroom. We then sat down and illustrated our own world and hung them in the classroom.

Lastly, we took time to consider what we would like our classroom to look like, feel like, and sound like together as a class.  In the coming days, this will be turned into our classroom agreement.

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