Learning in the real world- A behind the scene view of a bakery

All throughout our first unit of inquiry, students have been eagerly exploring baking. We have looked at baking through many different lenses, and have worked to connect to our unit’s lines of inquiry, key concepts, attitudes, and learner profiles.  This week, we gained a deeper understanding as we got a behind the scene view of Boat’s Bakery.

Students in Grade Three had been asking to go explore a bakery for weeks. On Wednesday, they finally got their wish, when we ventured out of school to Boat’s Bakery.

Before students left to explore the bakery,  they were set out on a couple of tasks. They wrote down all of their questions for Khun Mai, the bakery owner, for their Matrix work.  And, then the day before the field trip, students filled out a KWL chart. They examined what they know about baking and life at a bakery. And, then they listed all the things they would like to learn.  Here are some of their answers:

What I Know:

It’s close to our shcool

I know about how to make a lot of pie

I know how to start baking cake

I know how to make pan cake

egg, butr (butter), shugr (sugar), choklit (chocolate), ising (icing)

What I Want to Know

Why did you make the bakery?

How many workers do you have?

I want to know how to bake a pie.

Why you open this boat bakery?

Ur they helped (Are you helped?)

At the bakery, students were given an introduction to the type of products Boat’s Bakery produces. Afterward, they were given a behind the scene look at the bakery kitchen. They were walked through the process of creating a cake, step-by-step. Finally, students were introduced to fondant. The head sculpture demonstrated how she makes the different figures to go on top of a cake. Then, students were given full creative freedom to make their own figures.  They truly enjoyed this process! Once their figures were made, students watched the head cake decorator frost and decorate a cake. They then were given a cupcake of their own to frost and place their fondant sculptures on.

  • IMG_7906
  • IMG_7914 2
  • IMG_7915
  • IMG_7917 2
  • IMG_7918
  • IMG_7919
  • IMG_7923
  • IMG_7924
  • IMG_7925 2
  • IMG_7931
  • IMG_7933
  • IMG_7937
  • IMG_0440
  • IMG_0447
  • IMG_0438
  • IMG_0444
  • IMG_7938
  • IMG_7940
  • IMG_7941
  • IMG_7952
  • IMG_7955
  • IMG_8558 (1)

Upon returning back to Magic Years, we reflected as a class. Students were asked to discuss the following questions: What went well?, and What could have gone better?. All students agreed the field trip was fun and they enjoyed getting creative with their cupcakes.  Students feedback on the field trip was there was not enough time at the bakery- they could not do everything they would have liked.  Lastly, taking the ideas from our whole class discussion, students filled in the last column on their KWL chart, the learned.



  • Soccer Practice at 7:30am- Tuesday, October 2nd and Tuesday, October 9th
  • No School- Monday, October 15th
  • Soccer Match- Tuesday, October 16th
  • Third Grade Assembly- Thursday, October 18th

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