Learner Agency in Third Grade

Within the third grade classroom, ALL children are responsible to create their own understandings while they work through the unit of inquiry.  In third grade, the teacher will serve as a guide.

As began our first unit, students were given a matrix. Within this matrix, there is a set of activities for the learner to work through in a set period of time. The first two matrices had 6 boxes to complete in two different school days.  As time goes on and students get better at organizing their time, these matrices will include more boxes to complete in less time.

  • IMG_7409
  • IMG_7415
  • IMG_7432
  • IMG_7436

Within the matrix, students will work through the lines of inquiry, dig deeper into our attitudes and learner profile, and gain a deeper understanding of our key concepts.  While these activities are designed by the teacher, they provide plenty of opportunity to students to make choice and gain their own understand of the central idea.

Please find an example of our current matrix here.

IMG_7437 2


September 5th– Back to School Night 5-7pm

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