Learning in the Real World: Our Field Trip to AIT

This week, Grade Three took their learning into the real world as we visited the Asian Institute of Technology’s Energy Park.  Students arrived at the university campus with wonder and excitement.  They were going to get to interact with professors in the field of energy. They were going to get to ask questions and understand how scientist understand energy.  Here is a recap of our field trip:

After a lengthy bus ride, we were greeted by our contact at the institute. After a brief, exciting walk we arrived at the Energy Building. We were ushered inside, and lead up a set of stairs and into a conference room.  We were formally greeted by a graduate student and the program coordinator.  They shared some information about the Asian Institute of Technology’s School of Environment, Resources, and Development.

  • IMG_8450
  • IMG_8451

Then, before we visited the Energy Park outside, we gained some information on the machines and tools we were going to be exploring.  Students had lots of ideas and questions that they got to explore. These questions were answered during our tour outside.

During our guided tour, students saw all the different machines and tools the scientist used to study energy.  Some of the highlights are:

  • The charcoal bricks
  • Solar panel connected to a light post
  • Food (i.e. fruits and meat) dryers
  • Windmill
  • Solar Water Heater
  • Satellite
  • IMG_8454
  • IMG_8456
  • IMG_8459
  • IMG_8460
  • IMG_8463
  • IMG_8467
  • IMG_8469
  • IMG_8474
  • IMG_8476
  • IMG_8477
  • IMG_8478
  • IMG_8481
  • IMG_8482
  • IMG_8485
  • IMG_8488

After visiting the Energy Park, we returned to the conference room, were students debriefed on their experiences. Students excitedly asked big questions. Students were curious about the creation of energy and how old energy is- I think we have some future scientists in our midst.

Upon returning to school, students were encouraged to reflect on their experiences.  Here are some of their thoughts:

  • I learned that energy is important.
  • I learned how energy works.
  • I see lots of energy machines.
  • I saw charcoal machines

We had a lovely time and learned a lot. Thank you, AIT for the wonderful field trip.

  • IMG_8490
  • IMG_8492



  • 12 November- No School
  • 22 November- Loy Krathong
  • 29 November- Thai Class Field Trip
  • 5 December- No School
  • 7 December- Sports Day
  • 14 December- Last Day of the Term

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