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Story writing
Assembly Video
Tuning in to our first unit of inquiry

Story writing

Whilst the students were working hard practising their play for the assembly last week, they were also creating and writing their own story with illustrations. They had to think of the storyline, who the characters would be, where the story would happen, what problem would happen in the middle of the story, how the problem would be solved at the end and what the moral of the story would be.

After completing a comic of their story, the students wrote the story in words then published a book with illustrations. They were very proud of their efforts and read their stories to each other.

Wouldn’t you love to read a book about Spiderman fighting Lightening Man or Dragons fighting knights? What about a boy that travels to outer space and meets aliens? I’m sure the students would love to read their story to you! We will make sure we upload some videos of the students reading their stories.

  • First draft

Assembly Video

Just in case you missed our amazing assembly last week, here is the video of our well performed play. The students created the story, made their own costumes, designed the set and rehearsed many times to ensure they performed an engaging play.

We were very proud of our efforts and can’t wait to present again at our next assembly!

Tuning in to our first unit of inquiry

We have begun our first unit of inquiry for the school year. Here is a snapshot of what we will be inquiring into:

Transdisciplinary Theme – How We Express Ourselves

Central Idea – People use different art forms to express themselves

Concepts – Form, Causation, Connection

An inquiry into: – Different forms of art – The reasons people express themselves – How we connect with art

Learner Profile – Inquirers, Communicators, Risk-Takers.

Attitudes – Appreciation, Confidence, Creativity.

Transdisciplinary Skills – Communication

To tune in to our new inquiry we listened to, looked at and touched a range of different art pieces. We had to share our opinions about each art piece and respond to three questions

1 – What did this artwork make you think, learn and/or feel?

2 – Why do you think the artist created this artwork?

3 – What questions do you have about this artwork?

The students were quite impressed by the range of interesting and unique artworks and had a lot of thoughtful comments to share. We are looking forward to inquiring even further into different art forms.


  • Responding to different songs through drawing