The Five Essential Elements demonstrated through our Assembly

This week, Grade Three showed the entire Magic Years community their learning through our annual class assembly. Throughout the entire process, students demonstrated agency as they created scripts, props, and designed the presentation.  Here is the process we went through from start to finish:

Tuning-In: Students tuned into the assembly by creating a mind map of the features of a good assembly.  Students had many different ideas, but the one that stood out was entertaining the audience.


Finding-Out: Through this process, we began listing all of the things we would like to do for our assembly. We discussed the pros and cons of each idea, eventually coming to a conclusion as a class.


Sorting-Out: We then discussed the different types of energy and roles we would have during the assembly. Students then choose what role they would like for the actual presentation.

Going Further: Students then worked on becoming knowledge on their topics by doing research through a variety of different methods, books, Epic Books, and selected websites and videos. Once students had become knowledgeable about their topic they began writing their script.

  • IMG_8103 2
  • IMG_8104 2
  • IMG_8106 2

Making Conclusions: As a whole class, we began practicing our assembly. We made note of the way we presented and how to engage the audience, with each student giving feedback to each other.  We also began thinking about the different props we would need, creating a checklist with who is in charge.

  • IMG_8109 2
  • IMG_8110
  • IMG_8139
  • IMG_8135

Taking Action: After all of our hard work, it came time to actually present.

  • IMG_8141
  • IMG_8142
  • IMG_8143
  • IMG_8144
  • IMG_8145
  • IMG_8146
  • IMG_8148
  • IMG_8150
  • IMG_8155
  • IMG_8156
  • IMG_8157
  • IMG_8158
  • IMG_8159
  • IMG_8160
  • IMG_8161
  • IMG_8163
  • IMG_8165
  • IMG_8166


Through our assembly, we worked through the five essential elements of our Unit of Inquiry. Students worked on our knowledge areas of science (forces and energy) and language (viewing and presenting). We also co-constructed understanding of our key concepts of form, function, and reflection. The knowledge of our concepts came through in the planning of our assembly, as students thought about how assemblies work, what are assemblies like, and what they know about assemblies. We also applied our key concepts to our knowledge of our central ideas, ensure we know the form and function of energy, as well as reflecting on our use. We used our research skills to create a script and program.  As well as our self-management skills, ensuring we were staying on task.  We also demonstrated the attitudes of respect, confidence, and empathy as we thought about our audience, and were strong presenters during the actual assembly.  Lastly, students took action by sharing all that they know and understand.

  • DSC_0253
  • DSC_0250


  • October Break- October 22nd-26th
  • International Week- October 31st- November 2nd
  • International Day- November 3rd
  • Three-Way conferences- November 5th-9th*
  • Field Trip to AIS- November 7th*

*More information to come soon.

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