Transdiciplinary Learning through Cake Baking

One of the emergent themes in Third Grade has been baking. Students have checked-out cookbooks from the library. And, during Reading & Writing time, they have worked together to create a classroom cookbook. All students have found excitement in the idea of baking, and have actively participated to make a baking day happen.

In the planning stages, students were given four different choices of baked goods to vote on during our Reading & Writing time. The choices were: brownies, meringue,  chocolate cake with vanilla frosting, and chocolate chip cookies. After the votes were in,  chocolate cake with vanilla frosting was deemed the winner.

On the day of baking, students came in full of excitement. Students were shown the ingredients laid out on a table. They were then prompted to guess how much all the ingredients cost altogether.  Once students had determined their estimate, they posted their estimations on the board. The receipts were shown, and we did some math to determine the total.  Students were further prompted to determine the most expensive ingredient and how much they thought it would cost.  We all enjoyed this game, especially because we know this math would result in cake!


When it came time to bake, students were given different roles and responsibilities.  They were randomly assigned the jobs of mixer, measuring, recorder, recipe reader, activity reflector, and photographer. During the course of this baking activity, students kept the same job, occasionally jumping in to support our measurer.

In the morning we learned the different science of baking, guess what would happen if we measured different ingredients wrong, or put flour into a wet measuring cup. Furthermore, students gained a deeper understanding of our current unit of inquiry- relationships. In order to successfully bake a cake together, students had to work hard to cooperate.  They explored two different lines of inquiry: why relationships are needed, and the impact relationships have on our lives and the lives of others.

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On top of gaining a deeper knowledge of our unit of inquiry and mathematics, Grade Three also practiced their literacy skills.  In preparation for the baking activity, students create a shopping list for Ms. Kelsey, they also read and researched different chocolate cake and vanilla frosting recipes.  During our baking activity, students had to read the recipe, measuring cups/spoons, and ingredients. They also had to communicate with each other, taking on various roles.

  • IMG_7645
  • IMG_7648
  • IMG_7654
  • IMG_7660
  • IMG_7666
  • IMG_7667
  • IMG_7671

We are were greatly excited by the end product, and, putting our learning into action, students from Grade Three invited students from Grade Four & Five to indulge with our cake at the end of the day. Needless to say, there were smiles all around.

  • IMG_7674
  • IMG_7681
  • IMG_7684
  • IMG_7687


  • MAP Assessment- September 10th-14th
  • Field Trip to a bakery- More details to come soon!

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