Unit five ending

We have had a busy week here in upper primary. We built a house! The students will post pictures or videos on seesaw. This is not only the ending of unit five, but also tuning in for our next unit and our exhibition. Our next unit is Sharing the Planet, and will focus on responsible energy use. We think it is quite good that Earth week will also occur at this time.
Two things that we have been talking about in this class: Ipad use and bullying. This is an age where children take risks that might not be appropriate. It is vital that we adults make sure they are safe and have boundaries. Ipads in our classroom can only be used within sight of an adult. Then, teachers regularly check the history just in case. This is the same thing Ms.K did when her two children were growing up with computers. Have you checked your history on the computers at home? It is like an insight into your child’s mind! Their google searches show exactly what they are interested in and what questions they may have. Bullying is at the forefront of this week. We don’t have any physical bullying here at MYIS. However, we , as upper primary students, are learning how manipulation and verbal bullying can be just as heart breaking.
Next week- Earth week and Art exhibits. Be sure to come see the artwork; we are having a silent auction to take them home!

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