Our new play centres!

The J&C team love to play and explore with about everything there is to offer at school. Currently their most favourite space is inside our classroom walls. Fabrics and tables have been placed in a manner that children are able to play any given scenario in their minds; be it a restaurant, an office, firefighters or mechanics.

IMG_0910 IMG_0903IMG_0860

Our little people particularly enjoy taking on roles in their play, for example, today they loved making meals and playing secretarial roles. We could hear a group of boys inviting adults or friends over to serve them their soup, slurping and commercializing how delicious the meal is. As for the secretarial roles we could hear a few boys on the phone dealing with a complicated business affair, nodding and agreeing to terms. And if they weren’t busy on the phone they were charging merchandise to their clients. Common conversations heard would be how “busy they are” or how they are “working right now.”


Our current spaces supports our Unit of Inquiry that focuses on communication and collaboration. The role play area supports the children’s curiosity to manipulate and replicate language they hear from friends, teachers and parents in either English or Thai. And so we are very happy to see the children showing how verbal they can be either in Thai or English!


– From the J&C community.

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